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The Digital Service is our future-oriented and innovative Predictive Maintenance service product!

In principle, predictive maintenance means exactly that: Our intelligent algorithms can detect machine failures before they even occur. This is possible because the sensors all around our furnaces detect even the slightest changes. Our Digital Diagnostic Center can then use this to deduce future defects and take proactive action before unplanned downtime occurs.

With PREVISION®, you monitor and analyze your furnace in real time!

Unprecedented insights into the condition of your furnace and the prediction of fault conditions and failures enable you to act in an ideal time and economically optimal way. Make transparency your competitive advantage with PREVISION®.


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One of the key innovations of Industry 4.0 is "predictive maintenance". Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, PREVISION® not only monitors the condition of your furnace 24/7, but also predicts potential maintenance needs and impending malfunctions in good time.


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For years now, everything has been revolving around Industry 4.0 and digitalization has been steadily making its way into industry. Higher plant availability, optimized processes, efficient logistics and a transparent history from raw material to end product - learn more about our development history here.



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