Vacuum furnaces for all applications and customer requirements

Horizontal high temperature vacuum furnaces

IVA Schmetz vacuum chamber furnaces with round or square heating chamber for high temperature processes. The horizontal vacuum chamber furnace is the universal system for diverse components in a wide range of component sizes in small or large series.

Vertical high temperature vacuum furnaces

Vertical bottom-loading furnaces for high-temperature processes such as hardening, brazing, sintering. Furnace loading is from below and is particularly suitable for turbine parts or dies. Alternatively, the vertical vacuum furnace is also available as a high-temperature shaft furnace.

SYSTEM CARB PLUS LPC vacuum furnace

Benefit from the many advantages of low-pressure carburizing compared to conventional carburizing processes! Low-pressure carburizing in the vacuum furnace with CARB PLUS system is carried out using acetylene. This case hardening process is carried out at low pressures and temperatures in the range of up to 1070°C.