Our history of development

Since our product launch in 2017, we have been delighted with every customer we have been able to accompany on their step into digitalization. The high demand of our Digital Service underlines how important and effective the step into digitalization is also with your furnace: Higher availability, optimized processes, efficient logistics and a transparent history from raw material to end product - the enormous potentials have already been quantified many times. Our development and success story began over 5 years ago and continues to this day:



Launch of Digital Services with the establishment and development of a dedicated specialist department.



In the summer of 2019, a first pilot customer was connected and the start of our Digital Diagnostic Center took place.



In January 2020, the time had finally come: we started active sales of the Digital Service to our customers. In July 2020, the next milestone took place: the registration of the name Prevision® was implemented.



After finishing the first sales year more than 20 customers have chosen Prevision® across Europe.