From monitoring to prediction - use your data!

  • The basis for predictive maintenance is the collection of real-time data on the condition of your furnace
  • Through additional sensors, your plant data is stored securely and permanently - completely automatically
  • Based on the collected data, self-developed intelligent algorithms detect any changes, irregularities and anomalies
  • With the furnace know-how of IVA Schmetz and artificial intelligence, PREVISION® enables you to predict the future

Reliably plan maintenance and production times in the future and avoid negative surprises.

Predictive Maintenance - More than just maintenance

One of the key innovations of Industry 4.0 is "predictive maintenance". Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, PREVISION® not only monitors the condition of your plant 24/7, but also predicts potential maintenance needs and impending malfunctions in good time.

  • When is a malfunction imminent? When do I need maintenance? When do I need spare parts? When do I need additional support?

Whether troubleshooting or planning your next maintenance, together we will bring your furnace to new heights of performance.

Maximum availability - minimum costs

With the predictive capability and newfound insights based on the analysis results, you avoid damage to your equipment and batch before it occurs.

  • PREVISION® determines the ideal time for maintenance and reduces unplanned downtime
  • Maintenance is performed at the optimal time of wear, resources can be used sustainably & cost-efficiently
  • PREVISION® maximizes availability and reduces your repair, maintenance and operating costs

A competitive advantage today, a must in the future PREVISION®

Your advantages at a glance

  • Maximum plant availability (optimum planning capability and early prediction of maintenance requirements)
  • Minimal service and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of damage risk (transparent condition monitoring & prediction of operating condition)
  • Dashboarding 24/7 (retrieve furnace data online at any time)
  • Maximum data security
  • Existing and new plants (equipment ex works or retrofits)
  • Maximum plant availability
  • Minimal service & maintenance costs
  • Dashboarding 24/7
  • Reduction of the risk of damage
  • Maximum data security
  • Also for existing plants